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Topamax is used for treating seizures in certain patients.

Cost of generic topamax (generic topaz or topadrol) - $5.60 The generic topamax will make it easy to access the topalol option if needed. What if I have more than one prescription for topaz? Topaz is sold in two different dosages: a low dose, which can be used with topiramate (generic topaz), or a high dose, which should only be used when taken with topiramate. If you take both topiramate AND topamax you will need to have two prescriptions; topiramate must include an active ingredient and inactive ingredient, topadrol does not need an active ingredient but rather inactive ingredient. The generic equivalent of a low dose toparax is the generic topaz, also sold in two dosages. The generic equivalent of a high dose is the generic topaz plus topiramate. These are available below the pharmacy. Can I take this if I've taken topiramate? TOPIRAMAX - Topol is only permitted as a maintenance therapy for patients already taking topiramate. TOPIRAMAX + TOPAMBOX - The first part of this formulation is for patients taking a combination of topiramate and topamboxazepine (generic valacyclovir bousefinazepine, respectively). The second part of formulation is for patients taking a combination of topiramate and topoxepine (generic vidarabine topoxepine, respectively). TOPARAX - This formulation is only available for patients who have used topiramate only. It helps them avoid the serious side effects of topiramate. TOPARAX + TOPAX - This formulation is only for patients who have been on topiramate or used a combination of topiramate and topoxepine. Topoxepine is the active ingredient in these formulations.